Never Forget

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 Although to some the memory of last weeks’ invasion of smirk’s personal space seems to have faded, we must be ever-vigilant and ask ourselves, how do we prevent acts like this in the future? 
Bulletproof glass like the Mona Lisa, a web of laser beams like Topkapi, a moat perhaps?
Perhaps a super elite/Delta Force to complement the Dance Instructors?
The Pope has The Swiss Guards. 
With those suits, we’d need people to protect them.
 The Queen’s Beefeater? 
Not very tropical.
 Secret Service? 
Couldn’t keep them in hookers.
Here’s what we came up with. 
The New Order of Smirk Royal Guards. 
Here’s our first two members.
Panther-quick and leather-tough (no wait, that was Johnny Yuma),  this crack unit of highly-trained  volunteers will provide a round-the-clock presence to insure that the events of last Saturday night will never be repeated.