National Negroni Week

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National Negroni Week, first launched in 2013, is the brainchild of Imbibe magazine,  and was devised as a way to encourage bars across the country to serve up more Negronis,  and support an effort to raise money for charitable causes around the world. 


While, not unlike the Aperol Spritz I mentioned last week, you probably won’t be asking Regan or Kenna, or any other Parrot bartender for a Negroni, all ingredients are available at Green Parrot Package Goods and Spirits, right next door to the bar.

Add to this the Negroni’s  easy-to-remember 1:1:1 ratio of equal parts gin, Campari and sweet Vermouth and you have a classic that’s super-easy to mix up at home. 

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Don’t be fooled by its festive color, or its herbal properties: The Negroni, with no mixers, is as boozy as a Manhattan  and the drink’s  floridity masks a devious potency. 
That said, be doubly careful, since technically,it is an aperitif,  often enjoyed before the meal on an empty stomach. 
It’s a classic cocktail, made not to disguise the alcohol flavors, but with its’ inherent sophisticated simplicity, to celebrate them. T
his is the classic Italian, Campari-based cocktail that has made bitterness palatable for generations of drinkers.
Purely for the  purposes of this post, Jim Fossum made mine on the rocks and while the proportions mentioned above are the classic ones, and were used here, variations and presentations  abound.
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What’s on our night table this week as well is The Negroni, 
The Negronis is what we’re reading this week as well as what we’re drinking, This handsome volume is The Negroni, a Gaz Regan Notion, Gaz Regan’s deep-dive on the classic cocktail, filled with essays about The Negroni, quotations, Negroni variations, and comments about the drink from some of the world’s top bartenders and personalities.