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Music Makin’ Mama Ann Rabson, A Touch of Real Class at The Green Parrot

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Music Makin’ Mama Ann Rabson
A Touch of Real Class at The Green Parrot

The Green Parrot is very excited to have Alligator recording artist and Music Makin’ Mama Ann Rabson return to the Green Parrot stage .  “It had been extremely rare for us to book a nighttime solo act, but Ann’s performance last year left no doubt that this Uppity Blues Woman can tear the roof off the joint all by herself!” declares manager John Vagnoni. “We feel privileged to have the opportunity of presenting Ann’s touch of real class here at The Parrot.”
Pianist/ guitarist/songwriter/vocalist and founding member of Saffire — The Uppity Blues Women, Ann Rabson is hooked on the blues.  So hooked, that in recognition of her talent, Rabson received a 1995 W.C. Handy Award nomination in the category Traditional Blues – Female Artist Of The Year.
Along with her guitar student, Gaye Adegbalola, Rabson founded Saffire  — The Uppity Blues Women in 1984. Since then the group has gone on to become one of the top acoustic blues acts performing today.  Their five Alligator albums are among the best-selling in the label’s catalog. And now Rabson, still very much a part of Saffire — The Uppity Blues Women, is treating her fans to her first-ever solo album, Music Makin’ Mama.
With Music Makin’ Mama, Ann Rabson delivers a fiery collection of boogie-woogie, barrelhouse romps, slow burners and up-to-the-minute blues. Her soulful, heartfelt vocals are a perfect match for her keypounding prowess, and each song is filled with the urgency and deep feeling that defines the blues. “Rabson’s rollicking boogie woogie keyboards and tasty acoustic guitar fingerpicking provided plenty of sparks,” declared The Boston Herald in a recent gig review. “She’s simply irresistible.” She’s simply a music makin’ mama.