Memorial Day

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This being Memorial Day  thought I would share this photo.

That’s my father, Signal Corps Staff Seargant Al Vagnoni on the left, wearing the hat and the impish grin. Oh, wait, they’re all grinning.

I’m picturing Al now,  sitting with his headphones on,  in a tiny, steamy radio shack in the middle of a vast pineapple field on the westernmost tip of the Hawaiian island of Oahu on that August  day in 1945, the day the Japanese surrendered.

Al was the radioman on duty who  received the first encoded message announcing  the Japanese surrender. He then passed the message on to San Francisco to be forwarded to Washington, D.C.  After passing the message on,  Al tore off  the piece of tape containing the historic bit of code and  that historic spool of tape sits in a tiny box in a drawer in brother’s house today.


In fading ink, he caption on the back of the photo reads, “Now what do you think we are so sad about.
Presenting myself, Mariani, Gould and Alabama Davis saying hello you all