Memorial Day, 2014 Thank You.

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memorial Day at The Green Parrot Bar

A welcome sight this afternoon, a sight that used to be a much more familiar sight when the Navy Base was just down the street.

We told them The Parrot used to be THE Submariners bar and they liked that a lot.
Great to see you here in The Green Parrot and THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!
On a similar note, a few weeks ago I was in the checkout line in CVS, there was a female tourist in front of me, and in front of her was a female Army Specialist in a camouflage fatigues. The Specialist was buying some soft drinks and a few packs of cigarettes and as she was about to pay, the tourist behind her said, “I’ll get that”, the specialist said it was not necessary and the tourist said, in a very soft, nice way, “I want to”.
The specialist thanked her and left and I was glad I saw that.