Mangrove Liberation Front

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Vicki here, posting from Spring Hill. Yes, we’re a far flung family, but I’m not giving up the Blogger password yet!

Have been running into lots of ex-Key Westers, and naturally, Green Parrot customers, so the big housewarming party coming up in a couple of weeks will be dubbed: The Mangrove Liberation Front Mobilization. I hope it doesn’t scare the neighbors and my new pals too much.

The Conch Republic flag waves proudly on the front of the house, and the Green Parrot posters are displayed in strategic locations around the house. Even my Monroe County Jail “Prison Art” collection is on disply. Ahh… fond memories.

Missing the gang terribly, but will be back in town for Bike Week. (Note to self – get leather butt-thong out of the cleaners.)