Key West ’81: One Hundred and Sixty Five Portraits

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One hundred and sixty five portraits approaching their silver anniversary. (Click on photo to enlarge)

I believe Bob Kennedy set up his camera on the corner of Green and Duval and snapped photos of these of locals as they went about their daily business.

About a dozen or so years ago this poster either percolated up from the bilges of The Parrot archives or was procured from a dupmster diver after a gallery cleaned out their attic. At any rate, we framed it and slapped it up on the wall just because we knew these guys. You can be sure there’s one whole helluva lot of stories behind these faces.

Perhaps we should revisit these portaits one by one sometime and see who can remember what stories about these folks. Within the bounds of privacy and respect for those departed, of course… and more importantly,with a sharp eye towards the statute of limitations.

To get this kind of overview of the Parrot community these days you’d have to visit see The Iguana Man is pictured in the top right hand corner. His opposite, residing in bottom left square is Bill Berg, a great departed friend and author of much of the art hanging in the bar today.