JOhn Martini’s Studio & Katrina

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Looking at this morning’s various ensemble spaghetti model tracks showing the various predictions for where and when any of the storms brewing in the tropics may be headed we are made painfully aware of the inherent unpredictability of tropical cyclones.
We are also reminded, more specifically, that it was eighteen years ago, almost to the day, as a testament to the fickle and unforgiving nature these storms we see the MacArthur palms between John Martini’s studio and Brig’s house being whipped wildly about by Hurricane Katrina’s winds, gusting in the early-morning hours to near 90 mph.
Hurricane Katrina, we remember, was a storm that was supposed to hit a good bit north of us, impacting Ft. Lauderdale, not us, then was predicted to drag harmlessly across the Everglades before emerging, greatly depleted by its swampy passage as a weakened tropical storm, before entering into the Gulf of Mexico.
Instead, while we slept. Katrina wobbled ever so slightly south, barely a degree or so, but just enough bring it over the warm shallow waters of Florida Bay and furiously rake the Keys, and so this then is a picture of what we woke up to…and realized, in the words of Paul Simon, that “..the weatherman lied…”.
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