Jimbo Mathus’ Parrot Webcam Debut

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Jimbo Mathus’ Knockdown South brought their North Mississippi juke joint blues to the Parrot for the third time but this time with a twist as they became the first band to be beamed on the internet on the Parrot newly-minted stage webcam. All shows should be available for live viewing and many will be archived to view again and again. I know, I know, we swore we’d never do this and believe me we agonized over it (till it gave me a headache) but lately some of this stuff has been to good not to share.
My mother always said “never hide your light under a bushel” so here goes.
There’s a link to the webcam on our home page, so check out out entertainment calendar, grab a beer, put on your smirk t shirt, enjoy, and let us know what you think.

Update: Here’s a link to the webcam. V.