Jay Gewin’s Jazzfest Photos

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I received these photos from Jay over a week ago but due to operator malfunction on my part I was unable to post them.
Here they are now, the unabridged travelogue of Jazzfest starring Jay, Tom, Pat and Kenney. The images you will see range from the typical tourist snapshots of Bourbon Street, sternwheelers, leveees and cathedrals to stage shots of Jazzfest, to some scatalogical grafitti, and even some hitherto unseen shots of the brotherman’s hotel room.

Tom and Vicki
The Pope Gets Arrested
The Brotherman
St. Louis Cathedral
A Sternwheeler
The Boys take the trolley to the Jax Brewery
Jay and Che
Jazzfest sign
A levee
Another levee
Brotherman Lathers Up
Pat and Tom
Kenny visits Pat in the Brotherman’s Lair
Some scatological grafitti
Hottie by the river
Jax Brewery
Tom in The Chart Room
Flags at Jazzfest
New Orleans Balcony
New Orleans Architecture
Gentilly Stage
New Orleans Bridge
Buckwheat Zydeco
Bourbon Street
Brass Band on stage at Jazzfest