Itinerant Eastern European Jazz at The Green Parrot

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Gypsy Jazz at The Green Parrot

The GypsyBlue Acoustic Review, a seven-piece Gypsy Jazz band, will
return to the Green Parrot on Saturday, December 8th beginning at 10 PM
and Sunday December 9th for a 5:30 PM “soundcheck”.

Based in Fort Lauderdale,The Gypsy Blue Acoustic Review is dedicated
to playing and preserving the timeless music known as Gypsy Jazz, also
known as “Gypsy Swing”, made popular in the 1930s and 1940s by the
famous and influential Belgium-born gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt.

Captivating audiences throughout South Florida, The Gypsy Blue
Acoustic Review combines a dark, chromatic Gypsy flavor with the swing
of the jazz age.

The goal of The GypsyBlue Acoustic Review is to audibly transport
the listener to another place and time and to bring this great music
to people who may not to be familiar with it.

In Gypsy jazz, guitar and violin are the main solo instruments,
although clarinet and accordion are also common. The rhythm guitar is
played using a distinct percussive technique, “la pompe”, that
essentially replaces the drums. An upright bass fills out the
ensembles. For their Green Parrot performance the Fort
Lauderdale-based ensemble will include all these elements and also
feature a female vocalist.

The Green Parrot Bar is your Southernmost Center for Itinerant Eastern
European Jazz Culture, at the corner of Southard and Whitehead