“Is This Heaven?”

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Not unlike Shoeless Joe stepping through The Cornfield, one would be prompted to ask the same question at The 30th Anniversary of the World’s Largest Sale of Palms at Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden
The annual show is sponsored in part by The South Florida Palm Society.
The man in the picture below is our friend and palm guru Jeff Searle, pictured here in the wild with a specimen of liquala peltata var. sumawongii. Searle Brothers Nursery in Ft. Lauderdale has become known worldwide as a source for rare palms and Jeff was the most sought after man at the palm sale by way of his eagerness to share his knowledge of palms and the excellence of those palms he grows. For more about what makes Jeff’s family-run nursery special see this article.
Claude Roatta of Action Theory Landscape and Nursery

Bearing in mind that all palms for sale are priced extremely reasonably, take a look at the seedlings on this table, some like the Licuala mapu are priced at nearly four or five hundred dollars due to their scarcity, their slowness of growth and their desirabilityy among collectors

Balls Rare