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In Business

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In Business at The green Parrot

The New Orleans’ 7-piece, horn-heavy funk band, In Business, makes their much-anticipated return to The Parrot stageFounded in 2012 in funky New Orleans, Louisiana, the Business is an organization of like-minded individuals dedicated to the creation and distribution of one product, and one product only: funk music.
Although our mission is a simple one, we are steadfast in our purpose, bringing only the highest quality funk to our fans—aka consumers of the funk. Of course, high quality funk requires high quality ingredients, including, but not limited to: big fat grooves, tasty guitar licks, piping hot saxophones, spine-tingling vocals, individual musicianship, group dynamics, a sense of humor, and lots of love. Simply put, our original music is crafted from only “the finest shyeeeit.”
Listening to the Business’ music can best be described as taking a musical journey—one with twists and turns, from craggy peaks to blissful meadows (as well as the occasionalsuspension bridge over rivers of molten lava). Our often irreverent lyrics cover topics both commonplace and fantastical, taking the listener from a visit with a sidewalk vendor selling frozen treats, to the epic adventures of a secret crime-fighting organization (Spoiler alert: that’s us.).
And now the funky fruits of our labor are starting to ripen. Our very first album of all original music, Cop Show, was released in February 2016, and we’ve spent every moment since performing locally and touring nationally to spread our funky seed. 
But this is just the beginning. We won’t rest until our mission is complete. And the funk just keeps getting stronger.