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 Holmes Brothers Bring Gospel Fervor and Roadhouse Rock

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 Holmes Brothers Bring Gospel Fervor and Roadhouse Rock To Green Parrot
The Holmes Brothers, descibed by the Chicago Tribune as “the
undisputed masters of blues-based American roots music”  will appear
at The Green Parrot Bar

The spine-tingling harmonies, boundless energy and telepathic
musicianship of The Holmes Brothers  mix Saturday night’s roadhouse
rock with the gospel fervor and harmonies of Sunday’s church service.

 USA Today calls The Holmes Brothers’ vision of American roots music
“masterful and convincing.”
Entertainment Weekly says, “The Holmes Brothers are juke-joint vets
with a brazenly borderless view of American music.”

Their chilling harmonies resonate with a passion and conviction
matched only by their inspired musicianship and their ability to
perform sanctified gospel, low-down roadhouse blues, deep soul,
Americana/country and pure pop – all in one set. They’ve recorded with
Van Morrison, Peter Gabriel, Odetta, Phoebe Snow, Willie Nelson,
Rosanne Cash, Levon Helm and Joan Osborne, and have gigged all over
the world – even performing for President Clinton.

 They joined the Alligator Records family in 2001, and their label
debut – the inspirationally stirring Speaking In Tongues (AL 4877) –
amazed and delighted everyone who heard it. Greg Kot of The Chicago
Tribune called it a “joyous, foot-stomping carnival…a gift to the
world of music.” 2004’s Simple Truths earned even more acclaim. The
Chicago Sun-Times called it, “A breathtaking and heartfelt journey
through gospel-drenched soul, blues, funk and country.” They won the
coveted Blues Music Award from the Memphis-based Blues Foundation for
Band Of The Year in 2005.

Rooted in blues and gospel, The Holmes Brothers’ sound is all their
own. The rhythmic foundation laid down by Sherman’s bass playing and
Popsy’s drumming perfectly compliment Wendell’s hard-driving guitar
solos. But even more gripping than their instrumental prowess is their
amazing three-part harmony singing, mixing Wendell’s gruff and
gravelly vocals with Popsy’s soaring falsetto and Sherman’s rich
baritone creating a multi-layered and ornately textured sound,
bringing the soul of gospel music into everything they perform.

With their deeply soulful singing, spine-tingling harmonies and
unsurpassed musicianship, The Holmes Brothers amaze audiences and
leave them in a state of utter joy and jaw-dropping disbelief.
Billboard declares, “It seems like The Holmes Brothers get more
assured and exciting with each passing year. The Holmes Brothers
remain a musical force unto themselves.” Their non-stop touring brings
this force from concert halls to roadhouse bars, leaving their fervent
fans in a state of ecstatic joy.