Hobex Brings Blue-Eyed Soul to The Green Parrot

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“Humphreys will have them slow-dancing in dives from Chapel Hill to Key West.”

“At the end of the month, we’re headed to Florida for dates at the Bamboo Room in Lake Worth FL and our annual Key West Weekend at the Green Parrot. We’ve had some adventurous HOBEX fans make it to the past couple of Key West weekends… come hang with the band in Key West on 6/29 and 6/30, if you dare!”

Hobex, an anachronistic North Carolina-based quartet that drinks deeply
from the wells of classic soul, funk and R & B return to The Green
Parrot stage on Friday and Saturday, June 29th and 30th with shows beginning at 10 PM and including 5:30 P.M. “sound checks” on both Friday and Saturday afternoon.
Hobex is a soulful party band that channels the soul greats like Al Green,
Curtis Mayfield, and Marvin Gaye.
Led by Greg Humphreys, who is turning into the Van Morrison of
the college-rock circuit, Hobex presents a danceable update of the
easy-going Carolina Coastal Soul style that delivers pure sweet
pleasure in a timeless fashion. Sweating Soul and bleeding funk, this
Chapel Hill act will send you into an endless groove.
Stax-chugging and guitar-driven, Hobex takes you through a full
course of funk and soul inspired numbers, this quartet of scrawny white
kids from rural North Carolina will make more than a few onlookers do
a double take. These kids play with just as much style and soul as
their ’60’s predecessors. And singing his own poignant compositions
alongside chestnuts by the likes of Sam Cooke, Mr. Humphreys will
surely have them slow-dancing in dives from Chapel Hill to Key West.
Call it Southern White Boy Pop Funk or Jackson Five fusion with a
touch of Jimi Hendrix but whether you dig the pop or soul aspects of
their sound, Hobex is a sure bet for a hot night of music.
The Green Parrot is your Southernmost Center for Culture of
every kind, and is located at the corner of Whitehead and Southard
Streets. For more info call 294-6133.