Green Parrot Ukulele Night Tomorrow

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“In terms of improving one’s mood and general outlook, I consider the ukulele to be the big gun.”– Louden Wainright III

The Green Parrot Ukulele Associatrion will hold it’s October Meeting on Wednesday, November 2nd, beginning at 8 PM.

Following the same format as our previous well-attended, high-spirited shindigs, the meeting will begin with a Workshop at 8 p.m. for those just starting out on the instrument. Basic instruction and chord and song sheets will be provided.

For those who missed the last months’ events, they were outstanding, with an ever-growing congregation of uke-bearing aficionados in attendance, most of whom crowded the stage for a few nimble and professional sing-along covers of popular songs to wrap up an already lively night.

It is obvious frompevious months attendance that there is a serious Key West ukulele scene simmering just below the surface,” said John Vagnoni, Green Parrot manager. “We also see this as a unique way for Key Westers to meet people and make music at the same time.”

So dig out that old ukulele from your attic or closet and strum your way into a four-string stupor at Green Parrot Ukulele Night, Key West’s onlyukulele-powered jam session.

Come to just listen or join in. All levels are welcome and remember, spare ukes and instruction are available for those who want to try themout.

The Green Parrot is your Southernmost Center for Uke Culture of every kind, and is located at the corner of Whitehead and Southard streets. For additional information call The Green Parrot at 305-294-6133.