Green Parrot Launches Beverage Academy

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Green Parrot Package Goods and Spirits, celebrating  it’s First Anniversary,   held it’s inaugural meeting The Green Parrot Beverage Academy. Hosted by Premier Beverage The Green Parrot  Beverage Academy is a monthly mixology class that will focus on essential cocktails, seasonal classics, mixology tips, and trends in Cocktail Culture.

The first session, hosted by Cecil and Ali from Premier, was titled, “Agave: Tequila vs. Mezcal and comes just just in time for Cinco de Mayo.  Cecil gave a clinic on on these two stimulating spirits, their history, production methods and flavor profiles and treated everyone to a a comparative tastingthe rivalry light as sipping both spirits side-by-side.  Cecil followed with a fleet of imaginative and bracing  agave-based cocktails.After each session we’ll be sure to post the recipes we tried.

Cecil started us off with an elevated take on the Tequila/Lime/Salt shot, replacing the salt with a variety of seasoned salt, spices and bitters and subsituting different fruits such as pineapple, orange and ripe peach for the lime. My favorite was Milagro silver tequila chased with pineapple and balsamic vinegar.

The first cocktail was a Lost Blonde Mexican made with Cuervo Traditional Silver Tequila, muddled mint, cilantro and jalepeno and pineapple juice.

Next came a Spicy Sunshine Martini: Milagro silver tequila, Ancho Reyes Ancho Chile liquor, Mango puree and lemon juice. other cocktails included the Floral Funcoction: Herradura Tequila Reposada, St. germaine Liquor, muddled mint and huckleberry puree. Coarse salt and cayenne rim.

We finished up with a Durty Mezcaltini: Montlobos Mezcal, Ancho Reyes liquor, Filthy Olives Brine and a black peppercorn rim.

Classes will be held monthly, each with a different theme,  in the Green Parrot back-bar, right next door to Green Parrot Package Goods and Spirits, Seating is limited, for more information or to reserve a spot at next month’s session call John at 305-587-1527 or Ali Ferguson at 305-797-1278.

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