Green Parrot Entertainmnet Calendar April 2009

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Stationed within earshot across the street from the bar…our crack staff of sound engineers say,“…Just text us if there’s a problem”

Friday, April 3rd, The Dave Shelley Band, 5:30 “soundcheck”,10 P.M. show

Saturday, April 4th, The Dave Shelley Band 10 P.M. show

Sunday, April 5th, Bong Hits for Geezers, 5:30 “soundcheck”

Thursday, April 9th, Cedric Burnside and Lighting Malcolm, 10 P.M. show

Friday, April 10th, Cedric Burnside and Lighting Malcolm , 5:30 “soundcheck”,10 P.M. show

Saturday, April 11th, Roger Wilson, 5:30 “soundcheck”

Saturday, April 11th, Locos Por Juana, 10 PM show

Sunday, April 12th, Locos Por Juana, 5:30 “soundcheck” , 10 PM show

Monday, April 13th, Roger Wilson, 5:30 “soundcheck” , 10 PM show

Wednesday, April 15th Randy McAllister, 5:30 “soundcheck”, 10 PM show

Thursday, April 16thth, The Carter Brothers, 10 P.M. show.

Friday, April 17th, Bill Wharton, 5:30 “soundcheck”, 10 PM show

Saturday, April 18th, , The Conch Republic Royal Family Investiture Party Bill Wharton, 10 PM show

Sunday, April 19th, The Green Parrot Conch Republic Music Festival 12:30-8:30 PM featuring a Chicken and Waffle Gospel Brunch w/ Robert Albury and Cliff Sawyer, A Be Bop Tribute to Fats Navarro, and “The Sauce Boss”Bill Wharton

Friday, April 24th, Woodsboss, 5:30 “soundcheck”, 10 P.M. show

Saturday, April 25th, The 15th Annual Green Parrot “Tune or Die” Old Time Fiddler’s Contest” 2-7 PM

Saturday, April 25th, Woodsboss, 10 P.M. show

Sunday, April 26th, Woodsboss, 5:30 “soundcheck

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