Green Parrot Drink & Draw Tuesday 8 pm

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Green Parrot Drink and Draw

Green Parrot to Hold “First-Tuesday Drink & Dr aw Night”

The Green Parrot will host a Drink and Draw Night on the first Tuesday of each month beginning on Tuesday, May 2nd, from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m.

The Green Parrot and our first guest host, local artist Tony Gregory invites artists of all skill levels to come Drink & Draw at The Green Parrot.

Bring a sketchbook, pens, and paper with you, and if you come empty-handed, not to worry, as pencils, pens and paper can be provided.  More experienced drawers can bring whatever materials they are more comfortable with.

Drink & Draw is not a class, and there is no fee.

What it is,  is a low-key, drop-in social workshop devoted to drawing practices.

There are no pretensions, no prerequisites, and newcomers are always welcome so be sure to invite your friends.

Whether you are an industry professional, or a stick-figure art extraordinaire, our meet-ups are an opportunity to socialize and draw with zero judgments.

While we love supporting art, we love to support beer-drinkers and breweries too, and will be featuring a variety of craft and imported beers as well as PBR’s as Drink and Draw Specials at each monthly meet-up.

Non-alcoholic beverages are also available.
If you are simply an admirer of art and would prefer just  to stay for the beer, please feel free to join us just to relax and view what amounts to a running exhibition of spontaneously-created, original art.


It’s  a day  for community and visitors alike  to come together, enjoy a cold beer  or two in appreciation of all artists  At the end of the day people want to have fun, and experience enjoyment and good times that comes from mixing art and spirits!

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