Green Parrot Dog Amnesty Day or “Get A Long Little Doggie”

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Green Parrot Dog Amnesty

One of the highlights around the Green Parrot neighborhood on New Years Eve Day is the Annual Daschund Parade which begins just a block away from us on the corner of Fleming and Whithead streets.

We decided a few yers back that it was only fitting that we lift our ban on dogs for the day of the parade. I mean, here they all were, in their finery, all leashed up and on their best behavior.

This year, at Buco’s urging, we decided to take it once step further and officially announce it with flyers taped to each door.
I will admit I had a hard time with it at first, after all these yers of denying them access it was hard for me. What do they say about old dogs and new tricks, OK, bad analogy.
Anyway, Buco was all about it, as you can see him as he scans the horizon, ready to roll out the red carpet fot any passing canine, daschund or not. (I wanted to see papers)
And visit they did. Here’s the first to take us up on it. This would be Pepper Annie from Springfield, Illinois, escorted by parents Mike and Betsy Calvin, and friend Barbara Ann, pictured below.
Here’s another visitor. Now how excited is she to be here!

Here’s a few posted up on the back porch, just enjoying the day.

And yet another on her master’s lap. And these two pictured below are looking for parking.

Here’s some shots of the Daschund Parade proper.