Green Parrot Bar Named one of The Top Bars in Florida, Doubles-Down as Top Live Music Venue in Florida, Strives for Hat-Trick

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The Green Parrot Bar figured twice in a flurry of top ten awards issued by The Guardian recently, First was our mention as one of the Top Ten Bars in Florida, then a day or two later we were doubly honored to see our name appear as one of the Top Ten Live Music Venues in Florida as well. 

Speaking for myself and my partner Pat Croce I’d like to say how truly honored we are, and how pleased the hard work of the many people involved hasn’t gone unnoticed. It’s always flattering to find out we’ve been on somebody’s radar in such a positive way.

To give credit where credit is due it must be said that we were only able to achieve this recognition because of our great Green Parrot staff and Green Parrot patrons;  patrons and staff who have continually supported our efforts to make the Parrot what it is:  one of the best bars not just in Florida, but anywhere.

We would like to thank all our staff here for their professionalism, thank the musicians who play here for enriching our lives, and mostly thanks to our patrons who repay us daily with their loyalty and enthusiasm. 

We promise we will continually strive to make the The Green Parrot the best it can be. We are extremely pleased The Guardian has honored us in this way.

 Find the link to The Guardian’s The Best Bars in Florida here,

and The Guardian’s The Best Live Music Venues in Florida here

Also, as as kind of a footnote, I’ve included a link to the third part of the Guardian’s trifecta of superlatives, one that is based right here in our neighborhood, namely The Best Bars in Key West, from which, oddly enough, The Green Parrot was omitted.

So as we continue to thank The Guardian for these wonderful honors it sure would have been cool to go home with the hat-trick. 
Hey, wait’ll next year!