Green Parrot Bar a Best of Florida Old Drinking Stop

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Florida Travel + Life’s
Best of Florida 2012

Florida Travel + Life’s Best of Florida has long been known as the definitive guide of all things Sunshine State to see and do. And just to be on it is an incredible honor. So we were pretty excited yesterday when Facebook fan Claudia Miller–also the Keys contributor and blogger at Florida Travel + Life–posted on our Facebook wall that The Green Parrot made the Florida Keys Top 10. (The print issue came out in November/December, but they just posted it online.)

Say what?

Seriously, as the kudos about our awesome dive-yness come in, it’s humbling and in some ways, surprising. I mean, we know about the irreplaceable greatness that is the Parrot, but for so many it’s just that place to hang out without pretense, to listen to decent live music and dance until morning, for rich man and poor man to sit side-by-side on bar stool, judgment reserved, to trace irreverent history on our aged walls and maybe vaguely remember a time when, to come in off the street heat and throw back some popcorn and a cold drink.

It’s a place of the people, what the Miami New Times calls a “musicholic’s paradise”. We haven’t changed much. We’re still here and we’re still being ourselves. We’re just happy that the people with the barrel of ink keep liking us for it.

Here’s what the editors at Florida Travel + Life had to say:


4. Old Drinking Stops
You can’t make a trip to Islamorada without quaffing a cold one at Lorelei. Look for the iconic mermaid sign, sunsets and salty boat captains bellying up to the bar. The Green Parrot, an 1890 relic in Key West, is the quintessential dive bar where anything goes; live music makes it a late-night go-to place.