GP Named #4 Diviest Dive Bar in America

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Green Parrot named one of the Diviest Dive Bars in America

 Featured in a recent list of “The Diviest Dive Bars in America”, tucked neatly  between The Number 3 “Snake and Jakes Christmas Club Lounge” in New Orleans,  and Number 5 “Canters Deli/Kibitz Room”  in Los Angeles is your very own Green Parrot Bar.

Impulcitya popular and wide-reaching internet city-guide that steers folks to “The Best Food and Drink and Things to Do in Your City”, notes in their Parrot review:  “the Green Parrot’s jukebox probably hasn’t been updated in 20 years but that adds to the charm…this place really captures the eclectic and laid back vibe of Key West….The bouncers here are affectionately known as dance instructors.” Read the rest of the review here and see who else made the cut.