Go Figure

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Well yes, we did get a little blurb in the Sunday, Nov, 21st New York Times Sophisticated Traveller Magazine.

After calling from Miami to ask if a photo session was ok,The New York Times photographer made the drive and showed up late on a Saturday night few weeks back.

Though I never met him, I thank him now for submitting a very good photo. With only one photo to sumbit it was a very accurate impression of the bar.

The article was titled “Key West: An Insiders’s Address Book” and the text goes on to say that”Unlike many of the town’s watering holes, The Parrot feels like it still belongs to the natives”. This too was a very accurate impression as it often seems that my relationship to the bar is more custodial than managerial.

Toni Lynn Washington, the seasoned Blues and R & B diva from New England was the featured performer that night. I’d like to see the rest of that roll and ask him what he thought of the music.

At any rate, we were flattered that we were mentioned and our Shameless Commerce Division welcomes the the attention.

When something like this happens I file it under “Go Figure”.