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We’ve lately been looking over some images for a web-site face-lift. Here’s a few, picked at random, with brief captions
MIchelle and Girard with Suenalo

Inaugural Day
Brand New Funky President 1501

The Flakes
Brown Derby Guy
Flames w/ Diddly Bo
Ben’s Cigar Box Guitar
Ben Prestage
Songwriter Fest
The Parrot Has Feng Shui Out The Ass but not without CAUTION, as the boys try to evaluate the geographical, psychological, philosophical, mathematical, aesthetic and astrological impact of the new Green Parrot awning they have just built in relation to the space and energy flow of the bar.

VW Transporte
Before the Tree of Knowledge
Sleepy and Me
Mick the Drummer
Jimbo Mathis
Meg w/ Sweetness jersey
Louie w/ throwback jersey
Beaver and Mike Keenan
Katrina and John Martini’s Studio
Buco, Eric and Mr. Bill Judging Tattoos
Fireball, Jimbo and Ian at Bocce
Alvin Youngblood Hart
The Boys at Halloween
Anthony of The Greyhounds
Graham Drout and Albert Castiglia
John w/ Fathead
Deb and John w/ Eagles
Madick w/ dijeradoo
Caberet Diosa with Hail
Bocce Subway Series
Blanche Wants In
Billy Bright of The Too High String Band

The Ancient Ones
the corner
Tom’s cousin
side door
front door
Renew Orleans

Buco’s brother Neil
hula girls
getting ready for 7 PM
Helene and Burner
behind you
Kate and Teagan

Papa Mali
fantasy crowd
Cheryl Arena
Cousin It from Marathon
couple at Fantasy Fest
Monster of The Deep

tilt shift photo of Green Parrot

Eddie Kirkland

The Brown Derby, an air conditioned sailor’s bara
Stock Island Boy
Koy at Tradesman’sDay
People Outside for The Spam Allstars, last January
A customer enters
Fantasy Fest Parade Night
Locos Por Juana guitarist
       David Wegman
Crooks and Dostal at Chicken and Waffle Soul Brunch
Fats Navarro relatives and friends enjoy the Fats Navarro Tribute
Our crack team of Sound Engineers, “Just text us if there’s a problem”
Justin show his John Martini tattoo to John Martini
        Toubab Krewe
Toubab Road Manager says AMF
Suenalo singer Amin Dejesus.  photo credit Nick Vagnoni
Suenalo Poster by  Amin DeJesus, photo NickVagnoni
Suenalo trombonist Chad Berenstein.  photo credit Nick Vagnoni
The Taxidermy Wall, detail
                         The Sauce Boss
An old Wegman logo
                John Gros
John  “Papa” Gros of Papa Gros Funk
                 bar scene
Bob from  Paul Cebar and The Milwaukeeans on Baritone Sax

Eric Lindell and Chris “cowboy up”

Weary Boy/Woodboss/Fiddle Champ Brian Salvi
Castro/Che Fishing
Cabaret Diosa Crowd
“Today’s Special”.  April 20th
Stock Island Boy Bingo
Roger at The Sidewalk Art Show