Extreme Fort-holding

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Ah, the burdens of being a chronic early-riser…. Wait! News flash from CNN at 6:15am! Green Parrot Bar in Key West to be featured in a story upcoming.

Huh? (rubs eyes.) Bounce out of the bed and grab the TIVO controls.

Exaulted fort-holder Dan Brock gives CNN a great phoner. Articulate and full of common sense, Dan handles all questions from blonde anchor, and a semi-sneering “Why didn’t you leave?” (you fool!) question from weather guy Chad.

If CNN ever posts transcripts, I’ll post the link here, otherwise, I’ll try to self-transcript some good stuff off my TIVO.

Good work, Dan, and thanks for your efforts. Oh. Dan also took the time to board up John’s house, as El Jefe, Jr, was stranded out of town.

The Parrot closed at 7pm Monday night, with hugs and good wishes all around. The Mighty Moes were off to hold down their own respective forts.

More news at it comes in. And heavens help those in Ms. Rita’s path.