Eoto Brings Non-Stop Dance Party, Sonic Assault to The Green Parrot

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The left coast breakbeat/glitch-hop/house duo, EOTO (pronounced
E-oh-toe). brings their non-stop dance party into the Green Parrot for
one night only on Tuesday March 10th, beginning at 10 P.M
Consisting of one third of the members of The String Cheese
Incident, the wildely successful touring progressive jam sextet,
EOTO steps out from behind the instruments that made them famous and
embarks on an entirely new musical journey.
The joint venture between Jason Hann and Michael Travis is a fresh,
100% improvised collaboration of live instrumentation and digital
mixing. In the world of EOTO, nothing is pre-recorded, nothing is
pre-looped and no set is pre-planned. Each show transports the
listener to a unique time and place, providing an unmatched sonic
dance experience night in and night out. Inspired by the legendary
DJ’s and mix artists of the world, the duo combines cutting-edge
technology with live instrumental performance to create truly original
and melodic dance music in the moment. Merging hypnotic rhythms,
pounding bass, and mesmerizing melodies, EOTO’s sonic assault is
certainly the forefront of an emerging musical movement.