Elvis/Hemingway Throwdown

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“The man walked in and slapped him once, hard, between the eyes, in the middle of his face.
And when he finally lifted up his head, the man asked him, ‘How’s the writing?'”

It may be a little known fact, but along with the title of “Green Parrot Employee” comes the secondary title of “curator.” So it came to pass that Kenny, in the course of his curatorial rounds, or maybe just spacing out, honed in on the rusty, faded plaque fastened to a post hard by the Elvis corner of the bar with barely legible date and a faded inscription that read: ” June 9th, 1957. Elvis Presley slapped Hemingway Here”.

Stunned with the synchronicity of his zeroing in on this bit of historical Parrot minutae among so many, and the imminent approach of this particular artifact’s bi-centennial, an idea was born.

So on Saturday, June 9th, during “soundcheck”, to commemorate the Golden Anniversary of this cross-cultural bitch slap, The Green Parrot will be staging a reenactment of this unique cultural event. Everything is the same, except this time “You Are There”.

As with all reenactments, period attire is crucial. What were you wearing in a bar in 1957?

For those unable to attend, or those or unwilling to be seen in person in the Green Parrot Bar this event will be shown in real time on our webcam.

In case you were wondering about the plaque Kenny is pointing to; as is the case with much of the ephemera clinging barnacle-like to the Parrot’s walls, there is little recollection of when, or even how, it became part of the permanent collection. Any information as to the provenance of this piece would be welcomed.

The Green Parrot Bar at the corner of Einstein and Franklin, is, as always, Your Southernmost Center for Culture of All Kinds. For more infiormation call 294-6133
photo credits John Vagnoni
copy contributions Nick Vagnoni