Elvis/Hemingway Slapdown Reenactment

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Here’s our own Kenny providing the narrative to set up the scene between Elvis and Ernest. I was Kenney, you’ll recal from a previous post who noticed the upcoming bicentennial and suggested the reenactment. Good job Kenny. It was also Kenney who, when we needed a narrator at the last minute, stepped into the breech to read the lines provided him.
KENNY: It is widely acknowledged that Ernest Hemingway was
one of the great literary minds of the twentieth century, and a boon to
tourism in our fair city, as well as to some of the cats that call it
home. He was also a man that embraced many of the qualities shared by
most patrons of this fine establishment. The love of fishing, of
womanizing, of drinking, and of course, the love of bullfighting. But
what may be less well reported is the persistent thread of sniveling that
runs through much of his body of work. For example:

“Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to
keep your mouth shut.”
“all stories, if continued far enough, end in death”

It is with this in mind that we re-visit this faithful day
in 1957, as two juggernauts of the western world collide. All things are
as they were, except you are there!

ELVIS: Hey Ernie, I’ve been reading some of your stuff, and I think
you’re a better writer than a reader. What’s that sign over there say?
(gestures toward bar)

HEMINGWAY: No Sniveling?
ELVIS: (slaps Hemingway on the back of the head) That’s right, “No
Snivelin’. Now keep it in mind and lighten up! Thank ya’ very much.h'wayplaque
The Plaque that inspired all this.
The boys pose in front of the plaque.
Ernie strikes a pose.
As does The King.
Just to be sure, Ernest checks the plaque one more time to be certain it’s not him who gets to do the slapping.

Feeling fine after the slapping, Elvis pops a cold MGD…..
…and walks straight into the beginning of the Gay Pride Parade.
On to the next event.
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Parade watchers.