Easter in Joshua Tree

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This post is a post from a few years back that I believe needs to be reprised every Easter.

By way of a disclaimer,on holidays I sometimes take the liberty to digress from bar stuff.
This post has nothing to do with the bar except these people are my relatives. These are some unsolicited photos sent to me by my niece, my nephew and his girlfriend on a trip to Joshua Tree, Utah and this is one-crazy-egg-hunt

The trio pictured here seems to be the spawn of some unholy union between a jack-a-lope and Alice in Wonderland.
Left to Right would be: Jessica Vagnoni, Chris Vagnoni, and Carmen Luceno.
Oddly enough, I saw most of them just a week or so ago and they seemed fine. That being before they dissappeared down the rabbit hole altogether…perhaps that’s a basket of peyote buttons in place of dyed eggs…

My guess would be that shortly after these shots were taken they were all sitting in the back seat of some Park Ranger’s SUV explaining WTF.

“Nick says, “so you can wear a suit out in the desert but not to a funeral”