Durty Birdie Burlesque at The Green Parrot

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It was another of those “oh-boy-they’ve-done-it-again” performances last night to when Key West Burlesque and The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn, two throwback troupes, combined forces to seemingly transform the Parrot as we know it into some sort of Gin Mill on The Bowery . The combination of Key West Burlesque’s classic peep-show revue and the Viper’s 1920’s hot-jazz chestnuts created a speakeasy atmosphere that was intoxicating and irresitable.

In a place where we thought we’d seen it all, it was clear we had not.

More photos later, but let me tell you now it was one hell of a night.

The Dancers,

the music…

Unbelievable, purely entertaining.

Here’s a few shots from our friend Tony Gregory