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An article in today’s Sunday New York Times takes note of how, “bartenders, normally dispensers of pleasure, have lately been playing doctor behind the bar.” 

     Serving up drinks like the Flu Shot, a drink on the menu at Drop Off Service, a bar on Avenue A in Manhattan. It’s a mixture of garlic-infused honey, jalapeño-infused tequila, orange-lemon-ginger purée and a few drops of liquid echinacea. 
     The Flu Shot — which is meant to be slugged, not sipped — sounds like a cheeky gimmick. But its creator, Signe Grant, is earnest.“You’ve got your vitamin C in there, and the garlic is an antiviral, and the ginger is also an antiviral and an immunity booster.”
     Ms. Grant is also the creator of another remedy, the Throat Coat, in which honey-and-pepper-infused vodka and B&B, a French liqueur, are combined in a snifter with a spoonful of honey. This one is meant for sipping, and is tasty enough for taking with symptoms or without — which is decidedly more than one can say about Robitussin.
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