Diesel Dickie Goes Down on Alvin

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Dickie Boyd,long-time Green Parrot patron, Big Coppit Key resident, bromeliad farmer, FKCC Marine Propulsion School Graduate, Vietnam war veteran, and engineer on the R/V Atlantis, pictured here in his Green Parrot Bar t-shirt on deck of the Wood’s Hole, Mass. research vessel as they prepare for the the descent of deep water submersible vessel “Alvin”.

Alvin is about to be lowered over the mid-atlantic ridge, one of the world’s largest undersea mountain ranges, in order to collect data and samples from the mysterious and recently discovered “Lost City” hydrothermal fields some 5,000 meters below the surface.

In return for submitting his photo of himself in some exotic setting while sporting his Parrot shirt Dickie received a brand new shirt from Parrotphenalia, the Green Parrot store. There are lots of others who have been there and done that too.