Didn’t I F**k You at Woodstock?

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This photo was lifted from a video we showed at Tradesman’s Day last Friday. The video dates back to the First Tradesman’s Day some 14 years ago.
Pictured here is Jimbo the Plumber, the inspiration for the John Martini sculpture “Where’s Jimbo and the Other Giants of the Building Trade” which in turn begat the first Tradesman’s Day.
We agree this image looks like something more befitting Al Jazeera than the Parrot blog but rest assured that upon further review it’s clear that this is not Jimbo admonishing infidels but simply our janitor emeritus continuing his search for the person or persons he had carnal relations with at the legendary 1969 music festival.
Actually, the question posed in the title to this post is what Jimbo cites in the video as the #1 phrase heard in the Green Parrot. His #2 phrase we won’t go in to.