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Dave “Biscuit” Miller Plays Green Parrot

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Biscuit Miller
Dave “Biscuit” Miller Plays Green Parrot

Midwest Beat Magazine’s “Entertainer Of The Year,
Dave “Biscuit” Miller, will appear at  Green Parrot Bar  on
Thursday, June 12th beginning with a 5:30 P.M. “sound check” and
returning for a late show at 10 P.M. .
Miller was chosen for that honor for a combination of reasons ––
his dedication in spreading the love of music to the youth of the
area; his musical work ethic shown in his doubling as bassist with The
Lonnie Brooks Band as well as fronting his own combo, The Mix; for his
always giving 100% when on stage; and for the simple fact that he does
a remarkable job “entertaining” folks.
Inspired to quit college after being drafted as a backing
musician for the legendary Rufus Thomas, Miller has never looked back
in regret on his decision to chase the musical muse that touched his
Miller is a jigsaw puzzle made up of strangely shaped pieces.
He’s a little Rufus Thomas, a little James Brown, a little Bootsy
Collins and when he flashes that broad faced smile, there’s even a
little touch of Ben Vereen as “Chicken George” (from “Roots”) in there
as well.
Biscuit played with Lonnie Brooks for many years, and is one of the
best blues bassists out there. But he’s not “just a blues bassist. He
plays a mixture of blues, soul, r&b and funk. Biscuit’s chop bag is
bottomless, and contains everything from mathematically spaced eighth
notes, endless permutations of blues walk-ups and downs, thumps,
plucks, taps — you name it, it’s in there.