Cow Key Channel Bridge Run After-Party, or, “Trails End”.

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Photo of Cow Key Bridge Run participant on Green Parrot porch


After a long day on the trail, tumbling along, urging, “get a long, little doggie”,  no wait, that’s the daschund parade, anyway, these two are hunkered down on the porch of The Green Parrot for the official after-party, having “survived” the Cow Key Channel Bridge Run.

Congratulations to everyone who courageously lined up and took on the challenge.

We are thankful everyone made it safely from start  to finish. You proved you know how to take care of yourselves, and for some we know sometimes that meant calling it a day before crossing the finish line. Kudos to you too for discression is the better part of valor.

One of the  great things about extreme races like these is that so many variables need to coalesce for a successful finish. A lot can happen over 50 yards, and it takes a certain something (grit, insanity…) to even  line-up in the first place

We know many of you finished your first Cow Key Channel Bridge run in under less than optimal conditions (personal or otherwise), and for that we salute you, along with all finishers!

See you next year!