Chubby Check

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Popa Chubby turned in two great prime time gigs and a memorable “sound check” on Tuesdy afternoon, at one point apparantly ritualistically dousing his guitar with bills from his tip cup.
Offstage the man was a gentle giant and could not have been nicer, a class act.
Onstage, he was an axe-mangler that had the crowd swinging from the rafters with his inspired vocals and guitar pyrotechics. He came loaded for bear with a set list that recited the canon of rock and roll from Gene Vincent to Popa’s own most recently penned tunes and from a powerful 6/6/06-inspired version of Jagger’s Sympathy for the Devil to his drum solo on The Ventures’ Wipe Out.
Folks greatly anticipated his gig and I know no one was disappointed.