Chris Henry & Hardcore Grass Bring High Lonesome Sound to The Parrot Stage 

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Chris Henry & Hardcore Grass Bring High Lonesome Sound to The Parrot Stage

Chris Henry and the Hardcore Grass.draw from the best years of traditional bluegrass to pick out some of the most intense songs and tunes.  Whether it’s a national festival or a small town event, Chris Henry and the Hardcore Grass will bring a powerful show full of memorable moments to diverse audiences. Founded in 2012, the group has risen quickly to be one of the most popular bluegrass groups in Nashville.

Chris has been described by the International Bluegrass Music Association as the premiere Monroe-style mandolinist of his generation.  After receiving a Song of the Year nomination for writing the song “Walkin’ West to Memphis”, his skill as a songwriter has been receiving national attention as well.  Thousands of terrestrial and Sirius satellite radio listeners have been hearing Chris’s original songs and tunes for years.  The Hardcore Grass provides a perfect backing for his brand of hard-hitting bluegrass and nail-biting intensity that he brings to his picking and singing. His unique brand of bluegrass has been known to excite national and international audiences from front porches to the Grand Old Opry.

Chris comes from a traditional bluegrass background and blends his appreciation for the classic sound with his own creativity to stretch out into wide open spaces that have audiences riveted to hear and see what happens next