CBC, Canadian Public Radio Visits The Parrot

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Donning her Blues Brothers sunglasses for the occasion, Canadian journalist Roberta Walker, backs me up to the wall with her microphone as she prepares to conduct an interview for the syndicated CBC show “Postcards From The Edge”. She chose to visit us here in the friendly confines of The Green Parrot to gather information for a broadcast generally centered around Global Warming, and specifically how it would effect certain locales with “a strong sense of place”.
Here Roberta either ponders her next question or puzzles over my last answer. Her questions mostly dealt with the evolution of the music scene at The Parrot and what Key West was like “back in the day”, where sadly I came up a little short since most of the good stories I know involve people who are still in the witness protection program.

With the interview rather painlessly concluded, Roberta removes her shades and ask me to please identify myself for the listening audience and sign off. She promised to let us know when it would air and also said she would return this weekend with her husband to check out Robert Albury, Key West’s King of Soul.