Calling all ukulele lovers: Uke-apocalypse at The Green Parrot

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While perusing Ukulele Perspective, a usually upbeat and sunny ukulele website, I read:

The Night of 1000 Ukuleles @ Satchel’s has been temporarily suspended. We may well resume, if there is enough interest, in August or September.
If you have thoughts on whether we should meet monthly, let me know and we’ll see how it goes.”

Undaunted, and actually oddly inspired, by such a tepid memo, The Green Parrot is putting a Uke-out of their own in their cultural pipeline , assuming that before it happens it does not suffer the same apathetic fate as the event at Satchel’s bearing that wildly-exaggerated, ultimately snake-bitten title: “Night of 1,000 Ukuleles”
I’m betting that, if I may mix my metaphors here, there’s a closet uke player behind every palm tree.
What we would like is: If you have a ukulele and know how to play it, bring it a play a tune or two.
If you have a ukulele and don’t know how to play it, bring it anyway and maybe someone will teach you a tune or two.

Everyone is welcome.
Play-alongs, open mic, and featured performers.
We are hoping to include a workshop and hopefully a screening of the award winning documentary “The Mighty Uke”.
Guaranteed fun!
Here’s what I’m talkin’ about!
Any takers?