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Burlesque returns with Durty Birdie Burlesque 

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Key West Burlesque returns to the Green Parrot with Durty Birdie Burlesque

Key West Burlesque packed the house and overflowed the sidewalks with their debut performance in June, and this show promises to put even more sizzle in your sultry Key West Summer.  The Fabulous dancing Dames and Dudes will team up with The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn and a few local musical icons to create a throwback sound perfectly pitched for a timeless saloon atmosphere.

The chemistry between the two ensembles and the Parrots rich tapestry of characters and tenor makes for a night unlike any other.  Delight in the flavor of dancing girls on the high top stage while soaking up the best live music on the island!  The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn bring their brand of early hot jazz, swing, and blues.  Composed of acoustic guitar/vocals, upright bass, homemade washboard percussion, trumpet and saxophone, they perform a repertoire of witty songs from 1920s and 30’s, augmented by original tunes with moving yet often bawdy lyrics and catchy 4 part vocal harmony.

This edition of the Durty Burdie Burlesque stars Rocky Bottom, Marquee Vonfister, Cheeky Derriere, Hunny Bunz, Cousin Frenchie, and Fanny Fitztightly.  The free shows and Go-Go dancing take place from 10-12:30 and the party is  hosted by everyones favorite uncle- Cowboy Marky.