Bingo for Frank The Cat

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As you may or may not know, last night’s Green Parrot Monday Night Bingo was held to help defray the medical expenses incurred when our own Frank The Cat was attacked by another cat in a savage and unprovoked attack. Frank is recovering nicely but those weekend visits to the vet did add up, as do Frank’s prescriptions and in-home health care bills.

With their witty and urbane banter, Ron and Charlie of Conch Traders were the most dynamic of duos behind the microphones. With Dixie as their M.C. it was a fun night for all.

The Guest of Honor

Great Prizes

With lots of cat themes

Frank’s actual no-scratch collar was one of the prizes

As well as some great other things

Frank says, “Whoever brought the fresh catnip, I love youe.”

An intent crowd

Buco has his cards lined up.

Leo says,”Bingo!”
Frank also has a strong hand it appears

Time for Frank to call it a night.

Say Goodnight Frank.

Frank in his carrier, waiting for his ride. When out of nowhere, his brother Otis

“Frank, is that really you. Jesus, Frank, we thought you were dead!”

Thanks Ron and Charlie
Thanks to all the regulars
And, of course, Thanks to you-know-who.