Been There, Done That

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Here’s a couple of shots of our own Kenny the Plumber at two greatly different elevations. The first taken at 6900 feet on a recent visit to New Mexico and the second taken at his house in Key West, which is just above sea level, of which we are lately painfully aware.
For bringing us back a photo of himself in an exotic setting (it appears to be a lumber yard) wearing some Green Parrot apparel Kenny will be duly rewarded with a Green Parrot hat or T shirt.If you look closely in the Key West photo you will see Pockets peering over the railing of the second floor balcony. He swears he was wearing a Green Parrot T shirt and for this he gets nothing.
The custom of giving out shirts to those who sent us in photos was started many years ago when our former DJ Good Time Charlie, who was traveling in the far east with the circus, sent us photo he had taken of himself on the Great Wall of China wearing a Green Parrot T shirt.
If you have a photo you’d like to submit send it to:
” “Been There, Done That”
c/o Green Parrot Bar
601 Whitehead St.
Key West, FL., 33040

or you can e mail it to me at