Beaten but not defeated

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Update: The Key West Citizen reports this morning (8/3/12) that prosecutors have filed felony charges against the suspects. You can view the article on the Facebook page set up in support of Tim and Adam.

As many of you may have heard, two of our bouncers–or ‘dance instructors’, as we like to call them–Tim “The Wookie” Grandy and Adam “Dude” Daytz were brutally attacked and beaten over the weekend by two men. Adam, who was kicked in the head, had a CAT scan and was released. But Tim is in serious condition in ICU at the Lower Keys Medical Center, battling a lung infection that struck after reconstructive ankle surgery. (His ankle was broken in the scuffle.)

Read the story in the Key West Citizen  (Heads up that it’s behind a paywall, so if you want to read the full article, it’s 50 cents.)


This morning, Tim’s wife Lisa updated the Facebook event page set up to raise funds for Tim: “He is still off the ventilator and breathing on his own. His fever has broken and he is still fighting the lung infection but he is getting better, very slowly, but baby steps are still steps in the right direction. I have spoken to his doctors about moving him to Miami & my family and I, along with his doctors, will make that decision. If that does come to pass I will move mountains to get him there if that is what is best for Tim. My only concern is for my Tim and his recovery from this brutal attack. I know you are all praying and sending good, positive thoughts and I know he is feeling all that love.”

Join the Facebook page, Green Parrot, Tim (Wookie) Grandy and the Dude Fundraiser for updates on Tim and the fundraiser

We know that the first reaction is anger, anger that these two men–who have since been arrested and could be facing felony battery charges–could so viciously harm two of our own. But we also know that Tim is a good guy, a gentle giant who shied away from violence, who spent more time diffusing situations than physically engaging. He’s a fixture at the Parrot and in the community as a longtime volunteer for Toys for Tots and a spokesman for motorcycle safety issues. And we honor that.

Right now, deep concern for Tim and his family’s well-being outweighs any shock and anger. Our focus now is that Tim’s wife Lisa is not alone in supporting Tim and that she has help in his recovery, both financially and emotionally. We’re also working closely with the authorities to make sure these two men are punished for what they did to Tim and Adam, to all of us.

Now is our turn to help Tim as he has helped so many others. The Green Parrot family from far and wide has rallied in support of our guys. We’ve gotten bands calling in from all over the country, and local businesses and radio stations wanting to help.

Here’s how you can pitch in to help make sure Tim recovers, to make sure our family stays intact, and to make sure these guys don’t win:

1. Join the Facebook event page

2. Come to the fundraiser on August 18, 2012, at The Green Parrot from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. where there’ll be a Silent Auction, 50/50 raffles every hour, raffle tickets, and more.

3. Give: First State Bank, Edwy Lovett,#1100420471.

4. Be there. Stay tuned for the hearing date for the men who did this. We’d like to pack the courtroom to show our support for Tim and Adam. If you’d like to be there, please do come, but remember that we need to be respectful and orderly and let justice be served.

5. Most importantly, keep Tim and his family in your thoughts and prayers.