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As a kind of prelude to this weekend Fiddling Contest, “On The Fly” will perform

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As a kind of prelude to this weekend Fiddling Contest, “On The Fly” will perform at The Green Parrot

Led my Master Fiddler Chuck Anton, On the Fly is a four-piece string band that plays music for traditional American folk dances. Playing at  contra and square dances throughout the great state of Florida, On the Fly derives its sound from a variety of musical traditions, including old-time fiddle tunes, swing, jazz, waltz, Irish music, and bluegrass. Weaving these styles into inventive dance medleys, On the Fly continues to keep dancers stepping lively. Chuck, Jim and Ted blend creative melodic improvisation with the solid foundation of the double bass, as On the Fly drives the dances with their energy, enthusiasm and unique style.

Chuck Anton has thrilled dancers and audiences alike in Florida with his unique, eclectic style and powerful, evocative playing.  the premier fiddle teacher in South Florida for old time, bluegrass, Texas swing, and improvisation. Chuck is constantly expanding his repertoire  to enhance the enjoyment of listeners and dancer

Mandolin virtuoso Jim Shroka is equally adept playing a wide variety of musical genres, including old time, contradance, bluegrass, Celtic, blues, jazz, swing, Latin, and folk. He won first prize for mandolin at the 2009 Florida Old Time Music Championships in Dade City.  Jim is known throughout Florida roots music communities for his melodic dexterity, complex ornamentations, expressive and creative breaks, and hard-driving, flamboyant, and energetic rhythms. He is also an enthusiastic contradancer.
Ted Strauss  taught himself how to flatpick guitar, play mandolin and sing bluegrass, old time and Irish music while growing up in NYC. Ted claims he never met a musical style he couldn’t steal licks from. His guitar style borrows from swing, country, blues and jazz so don’t be surprised when contra / old time music starts to swing when On The Fly is on stage.
Brian Turk played in the rock jam band Tom’s Cosmic Radio while at New College of Florida. In New York City, Brian played bass in the funk/soul band, Otis Funkmeyer, and played country music with Captain Jack and the Cleveland Steamers.   And in an effort to expand his musical horizons, Brian has become a student of classical music and is now a member of the Broward Symphony Orchestra.