April is Jazz Appreciation Month, Thank a Jazz Musician Today

April is Jazz Appreciation Month  and we urge everyone to thank a jazz musician today for creating beauty and joy all year round.

There would be no Jazz  Month, no Jazz Day or no jazz at all for that matter, without their passion and dedication to their craft

 Make it a point to go to see some live jazz this month. No Live jazz nearby? Then visit your favorite musician’s website or Facebook page and leave a message, tell them how much you appreciate what they do for you each day and how much it enriches your life. Tell them the world is a better place because of them and their passion.

That said, the Green Parrot Jazz Sunday continues today, as we do each Sunday with the best jazz our island city has to offer, brought to you by our own Green Parrot Jazz Allstars. We’d like to thank Mike Emerson, Tim McAlpine, Richard Crooks, Hal Howland, and Bubba Lownotes, the core of our Jazz Sunday performances, and we’d like to acknowledge the stellar contributions of Pat and Debra Lawler each week, and of course, our thanks to  Alex, Herman, Harry, Tony and the rest of the brass section that show up without fail each week, purely as a labor of love and a as testament to their devotion to “the music”.

Thank You!


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