Any Suggestions…

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I think I remember seeing it there this afternoon, sort of,  but seeing it tonight,  I think, how could I not have stopped to take a closer look.

But, here it is…. A Suggestion Box, securely attached to a two x four, then bolted to a conch cruiser then moored to  the perpetually-ignored “One Way Do Not Enter” sign on our corner.

Press 1 for English…
The  apparatus seemed well thought-out, from the red plastic pouch conveniently stocked, for those ready to scribble their advice, with miniature-golf pencils and  index cards,  to the nicely-stained and shellacked wooden box itself, and to the bi-lingual signage (no creole?) 

Hey, I put my two-cents in,  as did at least one other I saw.
 And I’m sure that although tonight the box drew mostly furtive-sidelong glances, by tomorrow night, if it’s still there,  the scene around  bike will  more likely resemble the appearance of the monolith at the watering hole in Space Odyssey.