AMF Revisted or Buco’s Trip Continues

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When we last visited Buco he was saddled up outside The green Parrot and beginning the first leg of his cross-country motor tour.

Since then he’s motored to Indiana to team up with our friend Shep, another Harley enthusiast. Then on to his hometown of Chicago to make a few minor adjustments to his two-wheeler thanks to his old friend Jack, another gearhead.

Now in an email forwarded to me by sarah we see Buco at Mitzi’s summer dig on the South Dakota-Nebraska border.

And of course, what’s the first thing Buco does….Fix Something…This time Mitzi’s fence.

Well, now that that’s done, at least he can relax

Hanging with some of the locals

Buco checks out this guys handmade kayak

And now off to his next adventure, I’m sure they’re plenty of shit to fix out there…