A Recap:”I’m Either Gonna Be In The Blog or in The Red Book” or “The Hardest Working Plumber in Show Business”

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While is may seem that these pictures of Kenny the Plumber’s Parrot debut defy description, they do deserve some sort of coda.
Well, here’s how I remember it: one minute he was sitting at the bar with the rest of the crew, next he was casually leaning over the counter in front of the stage conferring with Nick Moss, and sudddenly he was on stage, a Full-Fledged Flip Top, tossing that mike around like he was born with it, alternately purring or growling into it as the spirit moved.
It was his show, undeniably, it was his stage, and the crowd, as they say, went wild.
Crooner? “Hell, no…I’m a plumber”.