A Class Act

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Here’s an email I recieved yesterday fololwing Bryan Lee’s cancelation of his Parrot gig and subsequent Tonight Show appearance with Jay Leno on Wednesday night. I post it just to show what kind of hairpin he is. A class act.
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 17:43:42 -0500
Subject: Bryan Lee

Hello John
Bryan requested I email you . He wanted to apologize personally for the
canceling the 2 gigs this week. Bryan has always enjoyed performing at
your club. The management, service and the fans have always treated him
so great! And I too, would like to thank you and your staff for treating
me so kindly when I accompanied Bryan last fall. Everyone was extremely
respectful to me and remembered my name. I was so impressed with that!
Bryan felt as though he was in a tough spot and had to make a career
decision and fast. He hopes you understand and will invite him and the
band back again soon.

thank you and sincere apologies,
Bryan and Bethany, Bryan’s fiancé